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Bryan Winter, Owner of I'm Board! Games & Family Fun
Selling Used Games with (Almost) Zero Risk

Wouldn't it be nice if selling used games was easy, fast, and low-risk? A system that the buyers find exciting, the sellers find worthwhile, your staff finds non-burdensome, and you find profitable? That's a win-win-win-win! Bryan Winter, owner of I'm Board! Games & Family Fun, will detail the system put in place at his store a bit over a year ago, which is now paying his rent.
Bryan Winter, Owner of I'm Board! Games & Family Fun
The Art of Getting "Everyone Else" Into Your Store

Back by popular demand, this seminar is all about "everyone else." The regular folk, the spouses and partners, the moms, the young adults, the "muggles." Bryan Winter, owner of I'm Board! Games & Family Fun, will discuss methods and tactics to make your store appealing to everyone, not just gamers. He'll discuss why gamers don't really care how your store presents itself, but how everyone else does. This seminar is ideal for new retailers and those looking to tear down that clubhouse to make a Game Store out of their Gamer Store.
Paul Alexander Butler, Owner of Games and Stuff
Forging the Fires of Awesome

Why do some quality games succeed at your store while others fail? How much of an impact do YOU have on that success? Are you doing everything you can to contribute to the Fires of Awesome, or are you letting the embers die in the cold wind of retail indifference? Let's work together to generate some new success stories for your store.
Paul Alexander Butler, Owner of Games and Stuff
Where Everybody Knows Your Name

What do we really mean when we talk about "community" in our stores? Is it about in-store play and tournaments? Yes, but it's about so much more than that. We'll discuss third place theory, your unique value proposition and how this translates to repeat sales in your store.
Steve Ellis, Owner of Rainy Day Games
Demos & Casual Events

Learn how to cater your demos and casual events to the clientele that matters. Forget about competitive play, let's talk about people that want to come out to your venue for an experience that is fun and entertaining. These are the people that are willing to support your business if you provide them with tangible reasons to do so. Show them that your space is about helping them experience new games and and they will reward you with their ongoing patronage.
Steve Ellis, Owner of Rainy Day Games
Inventory Management

Rainy Day Games has been in business since 1998, and in this seminar Steve will discuss his thoughts on inventory management from a retail perspective within the hobby gaming industry. Topics will include appropriate inventory, adequate stock levels, and when overstock must go. An area of focus will be the evolution of curating inventory to help a store succeed in the crazy marketplace of 2016.
Travis Severance, Owner of Millenium Games
Ask It Basket

This is an open forum where you can talk about any topic you like. Please feel free to put a question in the box before the seminar or bring one with you. I am happy to answer questions on any topic.
Travis Severance, Owner of Millenium Games
You Gotta Pick Something

There are THOUSANDS of games coming again this year and ‘You Gotta Pick Something’—hopefully something that will sell at your store! We will discuss some strategies of how to target products that have a better chance of success than others and also what you can do to help drive the sales velocity of these new products upon release.